“XL Catlin – one of the world’s largest insurance companies – is likely to come up with a few other, less traditional answers: risk assessments, flood prevention, amazing customer service.

Just ask Gemma Watson, team leader at XL Catlin’s incredibly named AR/VR/MR, Drones & IoT division. In the last year, Watson and Avanade have worked together to explore how emerging technologies, such as AR, might be used to change the way XL Catlin serves customers and competes on the global stage.

XL Catlin opted to work with Avanade’s Advisory Services team, thanks to our human-centric solutions, agile and design thinking methods, and a deep understanding of modern workplace technologies.

Our work together began with a clear definition of the business value, use cases and the real-life experiences of end users. After initial brainstorming, we decided to build a use case around risk assessments, an extremely time-consuming and manual process.

From there, we applied agile methods and worked collaboratively with XL Catlin’s product owner from our Digital Studios in London, bringing together cross-functional capabilities and stakeholders under one roof, to explore, build and test — at speed.”