The largest family-owned insurer in Germany

“ARAG is the largest family enterprise in the German insurance industry and has positioned itself as a versatile quality insurer. In addition to specializing in legal insurance, ARAG also offers its customers attractive, needs-based products and services from a single source in the German composite, health and old-age pension insurance segments. Active in 17 countries – including the US and Canada – ARAG is also represented by international branches, subsidiaries and shareholdings in numerous international markets in which it holds a leading positions as a provider of legal insurance and legal services. With more than 4,000 employees, the Group generates revenue and premium income totaling roughly 1.6 billion EUR.”

The Company

“Our company was founded by Heinrich Faßbender in 1935 and has remained in family hands ever since. His business idea – that all citizens should be able to assert their rights, regardless of their financial standing – is as relevant as ever today. We remain committed to ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. After more than 80 years of business success.”